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Irene initiated the concept of Flower Matter in 2019 while she was diving into the world of flowers and kept on developing the project throughout her Master study at Aalto University. Holding a MA in Contemporary Design and a BA in Product Design Irene’s works focus on how design could contribute to a more sustainable future. Irene has worked in various design areas, such as product and packaging design, before shifting her interest to innovative materials in recent years.

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Kao is a Berlin-based experienced innovation manager and communicator. She joined the formation of Flower Matter as a business developer and wrote her master’s thesis on the circular business plan and implantation strategy. Her passion is to bridge the gap between traditional business and the circular economy through cross-sectional collaboration. Kao completed a Master of Arts in Berlin, majoring in sustainability in fashion and creative industries, focusing on redefining entrepreneurship and ESG strategies.




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We keep cut-flowers in the loop with floral foam from flower waste


We explore the best uses of cut-flowers through Design


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